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Geckletts are a cold blooded cross between a reptile and amphibian, and live close to shallow bodies of water such as swamps and tide pools. They stand about the height of a German shepherd, and are characterized by their long legs, wet, blubbery skin, and their head crests, which they use to display mood and attract mates. Their diet consists of frogs, fish and other aquatic life, and small, grazing herbivores. Ridiculously fast and agile in water, the gecklett will sprint and dive after its prey, using its flat, muscular tail to propel itself underwater. When threatened, a gecklett will rear up, stretching its head crests out, and emit a high pitched noise consisting of rapid clicking.

Generally, geckletts are docile (though not shy), very active, and domesticated fairly easily, so long as one has plenty of salted fish and a warm home next to a lake.